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Dakota 3
in Software Updates - 15 Sep, 2015
by James - no comments

The following enhancements were made in version 2.10 of the ATS Dakota 3 Trading Strategy Signal Generators: Modified the rules for entering positions for the trading strategies based on oscillators. When Counter Indicator is set to True and the oscillator value crosses below the Long Entry Level a long position is initiated. When Counter Indicator […]

in Software Updates - 29 May, 2015
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Version 1.20: The following enhancements were made to version 1.20 of the ATS GPPredictor Signal Generators for Dakota 3: Most of the genetic programming functionality has been parallelized so that it runs on all available CPU cores. The fitness function can now be selected. Euclidean, Manhattan and PP (proportion of perfect) fitness functions are available. […]

in Market Timing Models - 22 Jan, 2015
by James - 2 comments

Trend pullback trading strategies are relatively simple and tend to work across different time frames and on a wide range of securities. We are going to build a Dakota 3 system for the SP futures contract that goes long when a short-term decline occurs in an uptrend and goes short when a short-term rally occurs […]

in Modeling Software - 15 Jan, 2015
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The ATS Bot Performance Add-Ins for BioComp Dakota 3 extends the set of standard bot performance metrics that are installed with Dakota 3. Bot performance metrics measure the performance of individual trade bots within a swarm. The performance measure is used by the swarm adapters when updating the adapted parameter values of the trade bots […]