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in - 15 Jan, 2015
by James - 2 comments

Scott Daly is a financial adviser who specializes in trading active portfolios. He can manage accounts at ProFunds, Rydex, or within several annuity products using the same updates we’re following in our own portfolio every day. For more information about opening a managed account, please contact Scott Daly directly.

Scott’s contact details are as follows,

Phone: (718) 428-2261

Email:  timeitnow@aol.com

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  • Arne //17 Oct 2016

    Hi Scott,
    I like to learn more about you managed account offerings. Please send information to as@sar-ag.ch We allocate to external managers via SMAs and currently have >20 allocation.
    I look forward hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

    • James //17 Oct 2016

      Hi Arne,

      I’ll ask Scott to contact you.

      Kind Regards,