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in - 15 Jan, 2015
by James - 2 comments

The objective of Adaptive Trading Systems is to provide analysts and traders with trading software and trading systems that are amongst the best that are publicly available for trading the shorter term daily trends of stock indices and stock index futures contracts.

James Slack-Smith is from Sydney, Australia and is the developer of AdaptiveTradingSystems.com. After studying the works of Edwards and Mcgee, W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliot and J.M. Hurst in depth James concluded that the quantitative approach developed by J.M. Hurst had the greatest potential for practical application. This led to more research and development in the fields of inferential statistics, digital signal processing, non-linear dynamical systems and computational intelligence. These studies led to the development of a number of proprietary indicators.

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  • Frode Aschim //08 Apr 2015

    Hi James, are the different Dakota add ons that you have created available to buy / download? I cant find neither a store function or a download page at your website.

  • James //08 Apr 2015

    Hi Aschim, the Dakota add ons can be purchased on this page:
    All software is available for downloading from the restricted Member’s Area.
    Kind Regards,