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Trading Systems that Adapt

We specialize in data mining, trading systems, trading signals and modeling software designed to adapt to changing market regimes.
Market timing models are developed using the Synergy data mining application. Models can be exported from Synergy to Dakota 3, NinjaTrader or MultiCharts .NET.
A combination of 'in-house' and commercial software is utilized to build our stock index and futures trading systems.
Integrating our modeling software within the BioComp Dakota 3 application framework enables walk-forward adaptation of model parameters. Our Dakota 3 add-ins utilize the following algorithms.
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Particle swarm adaptation for adapting model parameters.
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The k-nearest neighbor algorithm for walk-forward pattern matching.
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Neural networks, support vector machines, genetic programmers and decision trees that automatically retrain on a periodic basis.
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Low-lag cycle phase indicators for identifying market tops and bottoms as they occur.
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